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Broken Breather Hose, Expansion Tank "How to Replace"

Broken Breather Hose, Expansion Tank "How to Replace"

Hi guys, just wanted to do a quick post, I recently replaced the hose for the expansion tank.  It doesn't seem like it but this little hose is very important.  Basically this hose runs to the Expansion tank from the Radiator. 

Leak Video
I had recently taken my car to get an oil change, and right after it I started to see a little big of liquid every time I parked somewhere.  Initially I thought it was condensation from the AC, it's has been very hot here in San Diego, CA. But After a while I started to notice it more and more where I park at work.  I could see a stain, day after day, so I decided to look into it.  

Leak of Antifreeze
To my surprise it was actually not leaking very much liquid, and what I determined was that this leak only happened when the engine was very hot, under normal condition, it was okay. 

It was surprisingly easy to replace, one end just pops off when you remove the retainer, the other end just needed a screwdriver to undo the hose clamp.

What I assume happened was that when the I had the car in to get the oil changed, somebody must of leaned on this hose, and snapped it, 
See retainer

my car is 2006 (330i), and being that it's 10 years old, some of the plastic hoses have started to deteriorate, I live Southern California and it gets very hot here in the summer, and unfortunately heat and plastic don't mix, Thus: Brittle hoses.

Again just a quick post.  Thanks for reading...

I go the replacement from this company called Bavaria Auto Sport: Website
Their part number for the expansion tank is: V20-1227, if you are interested.

BMW part number: 17 12 7 565 093

Let me know if you've had this hose replaced, and how old your BMW is, I am curious to know if you replaced it around the same time period I replaced mine.

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