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Window Reset instructions BMW 330i 2006

Window Reset instructions
BMW 330i 2006

On a hot summer day in San Diego, as I was getting out of work, just like any other day, I got into my car and it was very hot, so first thing I did after getting in the car was to lower all the windows.  Little did I know it was going to be a journey.

As I lowered the window in the rear passenger side, the window stopped and I heard a very loud Pop! I thought for sure somebody threw a rock and it hit my car, it was a very loud thump.  I looked around around desperately looking for the person responsible, I couldn't see anybody and I was stumped, I couldn't figure out what made the loud noise, as the wind came into my car cooling it down, from the cold air from the AC I naturally wanted to put up the windows, well not today.  The rear passenger window wouldn't go up.

As I sat there thinking how I was going to drive home with my window open, mind you I never drive with my rear window open the hole way home, about 40 minutes away.  I tried pulling it up and to my surprise it did stay up, for about 10 minutes, and then it slowly started lowering to half way as I got home.

I ended up replacing he mechanism that pulls the window up, it was actually not very difficult, everything was well laid out, it only took me about 30 minutes.  Sorry I didn't take pictures of that.

This post will be about how to reset the window after the window is back and working.  As some of you may know, after you fix the motor, and or mechanical mechanism, you are not quite done, you still need to reset the computer, otherwise the window goes up and then down halfway.

According to the Bentley Publishers, this is how it's done:

Power window regular motor initialization procedure:

-Switch ignition ON and close window completely.
-Release window button, then hold switch in Close direction again for approx. 1 second.
- Open window completely.
- Release window button, then hold switch in Open direction again for approx. 1 second.
-Close window completely again.
-Release window button, then hold switch in Close direction again for approx. 1 second.
-Check to make sure one-touch control, anti-trapping and comfort functions are activated.

As you might image, things didn't go as planned, I didn't really figure out how to do it.  I am able to use the window, it does go up and down, but if you keep pressing the switch the window will close but then open halfway.  

One of these days I will have to figure it out.  I already tried fixing it two times with no success.  It did actually work one time, I recorded it.  But then it didn't, because when i tried later to open and close it, the window went down halfway again.

If you have any comments or success stories please let me know how it went...

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  1. Did you get the window to finally work properly? I have the same issue and cannot get a good solution online.

  2. Hi Alex, I never got it to work, I tried a couple of times after I posted this, but its just too difficult to get everything timed just right. I know of a good BMW repair shop around town that I want to take it to to see if they can help me.

    Believe me, I feel your pain. This is not suppose to be so difficult, but it is.

    Worked for me...

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  5. Sometimes, solutions provided online are really helpful and can help you save big bucks. But if that doesn’t work, I think it’s best to seek the service of your trusted repair shop. I hope you’d get it fix, as more problems may crop up if you let it stay that way. Anyways, thanks for posting, and have a good day!

    Cleora Schroeder @ Xtreme Autoglass Pros

  6. I just have the some problem on my 2005 330i and is easy to reset.just from the driver side,ouch the button to down position, release the button and then puck down for 30 seconds and done,dash bird will be illuminated whit the window lodo that's mean reset is done .and you can do it the some for each window

  7. Courtesy of a BMW tech ...with thanks.

    Initialization is performed on the power window switch of the relevant door.
    Requirements for correct initialization:
    • Initialization with engine running
    • Convertible top, doors and windows closed

    Initialization comprises:
    • Erasure of initialization
    • Reinitialization

    An initialization must be performed:
    • In the event of malfunctions, e.g. no one-touch control function, no opening or if available no comfort function is possible
    • After the power window drive has been replaced
    • After work is carried out on the power window mechanism
    • After a power supply interruption, e.g. disconnection of the battery or disconnection of the power supply to the door
    • After the door window glass has been removed and installed or replaced
    • After adjustment work on the door window glass
    • After adjustment work on the convertible top
    • After replacement of seals

    Erasure of initialization:
    • Open door window glass fully
    • Operate power window switch in "Open" position four times within 10 seconds

    This erases initialization of the power window, anti-trapping protection and toll function are inactive.
    Check whether one-touch control (toll) function is inactive, otherwise repeat procedure.

    Avoid a break between the two steps!
    • Open door window glass fully
    • Operate and hold power window switch in "Close" position (second switch stage)
    • Once the upper end position has been reached, hold power window switch in "Close" position for approx. 2 seconds longer
    • Open door window glass fully
    • Operate and hold power window switch in "Close" position (second switch stage)
    • Once the upper end position has been reached, hold power window switch in "Close" position for approx. 2 seconds longer

  8. Didn't work for me