Sunday, July 24, 2016

Windshield Wiper Fluid Reservoir Nozzle "Replacement"

Windshield Wiper Fluid Reservoir Nozzle Replacement
E90, BMW 330i.

A few weeks ago I started getting the windshield wiper fluid warning, and as I usually do, I go down to my local Autozone to get a new bottle, they are usually not that expensive: Windshield wiper fluid at Autozone, no big deal.

Just like I always do I got home and I poured the liquid in, again... no big deal.  But this time it was not so, because after only a few days I got the same warning again. 

I was able to confirm I didn't have any liquid when I tried using the windshield wiper fluid and none came out.

I was scratching my head, this made no sense, what is going on here...  

Unfortunately there is no way to get to the fluid tank without removing the Right side Tire, and the shroud to get to the bottle.  I also knew it could be the motor that was going bad, but I could hear it running when I engaged the switch, so I figured that was ok.

So what was the problem, old rotted plastic hose, 

Only thing to do next... to remove the tire, and shroud, once I removed the shroud I could see the leak, and I began to unplug it. you just pull on it to disconnect, it does have a black rubber seal, the seal was old and didn't do it's job any more.  The new one worked great.  Simply disconnect the old and route the new one.

This was the problem, where the leak was.

 I have to say the most difficult part of the entire procedure was removing the plastic shroud, there are plastic rivets, that really gave a hard time, I ended up obliterating them to get the shroud off. there is plastic part in the middle of the rivet, push it in and it will help you remove it, I suggest you replace them with new ones.  This will save you a ton of time.

BMW part # 61 66 7 135 409
Side note: Make sure to remove the top lid of the old hose, because it doesn't come with it in the new hose. 
Remove cap from old hose

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