Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Broken Sun Visor replacement

Broken Visor, Passenger side.

If you own a BMW E90, chances are that your passenger side visor is broken, they usually break on the clip to the right of the mirror.  I have to say I've had 2 visor replaced already today being the second time. I am not exactly sure how or when it broke, but if you know anything about these visor, you know this thing is not all that great because it doesn't allow much travel on the clip.  I would say only enough travel to keep a business card or a picture on it, otherwise forget it, the clip will expand and break.  Then when it's broken, somebody will try to pull on it, not knowing it's broken and then snap! it ends up looking like mine, (picture above).

I got my Visor for $39.00 dollars on Ebay, it's much more money if you go to the Dealer.  I've had good luck on ebay, so I definitely would recommend going on Ebay to get a replacement.

This is a link to where I got my visor: eBay Visor link.

I am sure this has happened to more people, so I wanted to share my experience on how to replace it.  Let me know if you went through the same thing...

This is how to replace it:

You are going to need a T25 Torx bit,  No it doesn't use a phillips or flat head, of course it had to be complicated right...

Undo the 2 screws, as you can see they are not that long,

Move the sun visor out of the way to get access to the screws.

When you remove the screws slowly pull out the wire connection, this is for the switch, to turn ON the Light Bulb.  One of these days I'll replace the light bulb with an LED light, I'll post that when I do it.

Then unplug it.  Only 2 connections on the plug if you are interested in knowing.  1 pin is missing in the middle.

Old and New, Visor connector cable.

Then simply plug the new visor, and install the 2 screws, and you're done.

Installed Visor, when you slide to see the mirror the light should turn on, if you did everything right.

Good Luck Replacing your visor, let me know how your installation went...

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  1. I lost the screws replacing mine must have been a cleanup sweep accident. You wouldn't happen to have a spare set would you? BMW no longer has a part number for them! Jeff

  2. Would you by the way happen to have a spare set of sun visor screws I could buy? I lost mine doing the same thing. BMW no longer has a part number for them!

    1. Sorry Jeffrey I don't, I recommend going to a wrecking yard, or order them online.