Sunday, August 14, 2016

Passenger Side Sensor, Too Sensitive

Passenger Side Sensor, Too Sensitive

You've been there, you are driving along, minding your own business, Then...  and all of sudden, the passenger side "Seatbelt Warning" starts blaring, now... you know there is nobody sitting in the passenger side, what gives...

Then I remember that today I didn't drink my Orange Juice and as a result my lunch bag is just heavy enough to trigger the seat belt warning.  Usually my lunch bag is empty, thus no problem, but not today.

Now I ask you why is the system set so sensitive, why is it that there is no sensor to tell if there really is a person instead of a lunch bag in the passenger side seat.  My lunch bag is "rectangular" bag, It's not moving, and it's set way back on the seat.  Yet, the "Seatbelt Warning" is still blaring.

Seat belt warning, passenger side.
So...  I do what I usually do, with my left hand on the steering wheel, I lift my lunch bag with my right hand, about 1 inch off the seat, and Voila... the seatbelt warning goes away, now you know that is not the end of it.

5 minutes later, the same thing again...  Then I do what I always do, I place it in the bottom foot well.  This issue doesn't happen every time, only in those rare instances when my lunch bag is just heavy enough to trigger the warning.  So instead of putting my lunch bag in the passenger side footwell, I placed it where I usually do, next to me, in the passenger side.

Now, is the sensor broken: I don't believe so.   Does it need calibration: probably.   But I tell you what, I have Zero plans to fix it.  So for the foreseeable future, this will have to do...  If you read my blog, you know I have bigger fish to fry...

In case you didn't know my car is a BMW 300i 2006, and yes, I deal with this problem often enough to write a post about it.  Let me know if this happens to you too.

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