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OBD Code Definitions (ALL) BMW

On-Board Diagnostics Trouble Codes (DTCs)

If you ever wanted to know what each OBD code stands for, here is the list:

Just like many of you I do most of the work on my E90 330i 2006 BMW myself.

If you have a code you want to look up, this is the entiere list of all the codes:

These codes can be checked with an OBDII reader.  Here is a link to the one I use:

Click the image to enlarge:

P3205 - P3284

P3102 - P3202

P2403 - P3101

P2188 - P2401

P1660 - P2187

P160B - P166F

P1576 - P160A

P1503 - P1567

P1424 - P1502

P1342 - P142F

P1191 - P1328

P1123 - P1190

P1047 - P1122

P0646 - P1041

P0463 - P0645

P0335 - P0462

P0243 - P0332

P0159 - P0238

P0A16 - P0158

P00B2 - P0A15

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BMW 3 Series Service Manual
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E90 BMW Recalls, My Experience: Airbag, Blower Motor

Airbag Recall: 
New Airbag E90 330i 2006

Let me start by saying that I never experienced anything weird with the air bag, but I don't think I was supposed to, I think the problem is when the airbag deploys that it could cause damage to the driver.  None the less I was happy to get it replaced.

NO appointment: bad idea...
I just showed up at BMW El cajon, CA.  I didn't have an appointment and they told me I had to call the "appointment center" to be seen, so I went home and I made call, they told me the next day was available so I went in this morning... It took 3 hours to get it replaced.  Initially I was told 1.5 hours, but let me explain why I was okay with it.

They also inspected my Blower motor wiring, which is the 2nd recall I knew about that I wanted to get fixed.  Which leads me to the second part of this post....

Blower Motor Wiring Recall:
The cable is now brown, it's actually 2 RED wires, when good.

The blower motor part is available, but the cars affected by the recall need to be inspected First and given a Repair Order number.  Then when the part arrives they call you to bring the car in.  I was okay with them taking an extra hour to inspect my wires because this means that I am now in line to have the Blower motor/ Wires replaced.  Which is what I wanted.

3 levels of "BAD":
The service representative told me that they have 3 levels of "bad", referring to the burnt wires.  Level 3 means that it's bad, and it should be replaced soon.  Which is what I have.  He told me that I could wait a week to a couple of months for the parts to be available.  Hopefully it won't take that long.  Level 1 and 2 are not very serious damage, which means the wires are not burnt... yet.

Cost for Recalls:  Zero
The cost of the recalls is only my time, which some may say is worth more, but I was okay with it because I got a new Airbag, and hopefully soon a new blower motor/wiring for my car.

Blower Motor Stopped Working: Temp Fix
A couple of days ago I started my car and to my surprise no air was coming out of the air vents.

So I set about to find out what was wrong.

The problem was that the wire got so hot that it burnt the wire terminals and from the heat it became corroded between the terminals to a point that no power was going to the "resistor module" that runs the Blower Motor wires.

Temporary Fix: Please do this at your own risk.
I needed the blower to work no matter what so this is what I did to "temporarily fix" the problem.  Now keep in mind that this is not meant to fix the problem, I did this to my car because I assumed the responsibility of what could happen.  I assume no liability if you do this to your car, please follow this instructions at your own risk.

This fix made the blower motor work again for me.

No association with Websites, they just have the parts I needed:

If you don't want to deal with this, the easier fix is to buy a new Blower motor resistor: This is a link from Amazon:  Blower Motor link, on Amazon
www.Amazon.com  They are $40.00 Dollars

Link to Connector, without wire :  Connector replacement Website
www.autohausaz.com  They are $3 dollars

If you want fix it yourself, do this:...

I removed the board "Resistor module" and I found the bad terminals
Burnt Terminal

I unsoldered the terminals... NOT an easy job.

I sanded the PCB board to see PCB terminal connections. to make sure I knew where they were supposed to be connected.
In case I ripped a trace.
Back of Board

Also removed the coating the board had, and the burnt materials, as Burnt material is conductive.
Front of Board

I flipped the connectors, good ones were on the left, so I soldered them on the right
After I cleaned them, I ended up sanding them clean, for a better connection.

Only 3 pins are used, note which, the circled one I did not install because it goes to nothing.

More pics:

Known as "Resistor" module, this is the inside of the module

Burnt Connector on "Resistor Module"

This is the Reason for the Recall
Blower motor Burnt Wire / Connector
Cable is below the Blower motor.

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Check Control in Central Information Display (CID) CC-ID, with Code Definitions

This is how to check the codes using the instrument cluster. 
(Check Control Information Display)

E90 330i BMW 2006

You don't have to have Navigation to get a code that tells you what is wrong with your car.

I will be showing you in a video below, I will also post the what the different numbers mean.

In the video I talked about these 2 codes.  Example:
CC-ID 131  : Footwell module (FRM) : Parking light front left, failure.
CC-ID 132  : Front right side light failed

These codes don't show with an OBD code reader.  


click the picture to zoom in
Code 415 - 445

Code 367 - 413 

Code 330 - 364

Code 296 - 328

Code 273 - 295

Code 217 -266

Code 176 - 216

Code 136 - 172

Code 109 - 135

Code 69 - 108

Code 30 - 68

Code 0 - 29

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I would like to Thank Bentley Publishers for providing the information I posted here, this is all in the book
BMW 3 Series Service Manual
amazon link: BMW 3 Series Service Manual
I use this book a lot!