Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Angel Eye Upgrade E90 "Halo lights"

Halo Light upgrade,
E90 300i 2006

Well it happened, Two of my Halo lights finally went out, it was the very first time since I upgraded to the new 7K LED.   I didn't write much about when I upgraded, but this time I wanted to show you what they look like and I want to tell you why I upgraded.

Why Upgrade to LED
To start the LED 7K Halo lights don't last any longer than the regular Bulb lights that come with the car, when I replaced the original bulbs they were $70 dollars for 1 bulb back in 2008 or so....  The New LED lights are not any brighter, but Because they are 7K they don't look "Brown" color, these actually look more White which is what the newer BMW Halo lights have, so it upgrades the car look by replacing the Bulb to LED 7K

Cost of LED Halo 7K lights aka Angel Eyes
Now these LEDs come in pairs and they only cost $26.99 for two, if you have Amazon Prime you don't pay for shipping.

Here is a link if you are interested in getting them:
Amazon Angel Eye Halo LED Bulb replacement

Halo light Xenon White 
Procedure to remove old LED light
IMPORTANT:  To replace you DON'T have to remove the tire like most Youtube video say.  But you do have to lift the car up to give you clearance.  The car is very low to the ground and when you lift it you gain the extra few inches needed for clearance to remove the screws.

Remove this to gain access to the Bulb area, only way to replace the bulb...
Remove the cover, it's about 6 screws and then it comes out, and you will have plenty of clearance to remove the bulb

You need to lift the car to get the access

Plenty of clearance to remove bulb
No need to remove the tire...

LED light

You have to remove 2 screws Torx 15 one per side

Must remove to get access to Light 
you can change all the bulbs by doing this, "blinker, main headlight, halo"
Main Headlight Bulb
If you are interested in replacing the Headlight "the regular headlights not the Halo, this is what they look like:

I took one out to see how it looked because for some reason it kept turning OFF randomly, and I believe that it was not bulb and not a loose cable, and this only confirmed it, because the bulb looked like this:

This fog inside the Bulb is not normal, I will replace it soon, It powers ON but is intermittent

I have to say this took longer than I anticipated, not because it's hard, it's just a lot tidiuse work to remove screws in odd places, but well worth it... it's about 45 minutes per bulb... max...

2 Bulbs went out
I had a bad Alternator and for some strange reason the two Halo lights went out a couple of days apart,  just before the alternator completely stopped working, I took apart the LED lights to see what was bad, and for sure it looks like the 2 LED in the bulb went out, it's a very simple pcb board to troubleshoot, inside the lights.  I think the LEDs where probably dropping below voltage or spiked and it damaged them, the alternator was intermittent so it was hard to tell

Damaged LED

But at the end it's easier than most other things I've done to the car, and I am happy they are working again, because it's the Halo lights that give the car an extra distinctive look.

Until next time.... 

Friday, April 27, 2018

Resetting Service Requirement: Oil

Resetting Service Requirement: Oil

It's happened to all of us, we finish replacing the oil in our car and you are ready to move one, but then you remember you have to reset the computer in the car to tell it that it now has fresh oil. 

This is the procedure:

-Close all doors. Switch Ignition ON

-Make sure lower display in cluster show clock and mileage.

-Press and hold trip odometer reset button for about 5 seconds until CBS icon begin to display in cluster.   Release button.

-Press turn signal lever BC button (arrow) repeatedly to scroll through CBS icons.  Find the oil symbol.

-For each icon the word RESET? is displayed. To reset a particular item, press and hold BC button.  A small analog clock icon is displayed.  When complete, then chosen CBS item is reset.

-To insure that the reset was done, press BC button while looking at CBS reset icon.  Acknowledgment of reset is shown with a check mark in a box.

Engine oil Capacity: 6.5 liters (6.9 US qt)
Keep in mind you never remove all the oil from your engine when change the oil.  The engine will always retain a bit of oil inside.  Warm up the engine before you remove the drain plug, this will help the oil come out.  The oil is more liquid when it's warm.

I use: Mobil 1  5W30

How to add oil:

The way I do it is I add 4 to 5 quarts and then turn the car on, and 
I check how much oil the car has, then I add more as needed.  You will need to wait about 5 minutes for the car to read the oil level.  I never add 6.5 quarts to my car.

Tip:  When you check the oil level the very first time after changing the oil, and you turn your car off....  and you add more OIL....  Don't trust the level of the oil when you turn the car ON again.  you will need to drive it a bit for the "real" level to appear.  In my experience the level doesn't settle until you drive the car a bit.  Sometimes I think it's full but it's still not "full", until I check it a third time, after I drove the car. 

Happy Vanos... Happy Car

The E90 330i 2006 prefers for the oil to be at MAX level.  Why?  Because the Vanos require a ton of oil to function properly.  If the Vanos are happy your car will run better.  Just my personal experience.   

The CBS system recognizes when a service is required.  The Oil change interval is determined by engine oil condition sensor (OZS) monitoring oil condition, oil level, and oil temperature; and from additional algorithms using these parameters: Engine load, fuel consumption, time and distance since the last oil change.

CBS: Condition Based Service (CBS)
OZS: Oil condition Sensor
Vanos: Variable camshaft timing solinoid

Oil Filter:
Always replace the oil filter at the same time you replace the oil.  Note that the Oil filter "KIT" comes with two "O" rings, one is big and it goes around the Oil housing, and the other is a small one.  The kit also comes with 1 crush washer, you have to replace these too.

Intervals between oil change:
I don't wait the "15K miles or 1 year" BMW oil change interval indicated in the car.  MAX i go 6 months, usually 5 months.  To be honest some time I do go close 15K miles, but then I have to add oil to my car, and then I get problems with the Vanos, and then I have to take out the vanos to clean them.  I have another blog where I show how to do this, link below.  Just change the oil every 5K miles, your car will reward you for it...

If you want to check that out it's here:

To remove oil filter cap

Oil filter Cap removal tool

You will need one of these to remove the oil cap.  I have no affiliation with these
Amazon link:  Oil removal tool

NO Dipstick
I know... It's sad.  But this car doesn't have a tradition dipstick, to check the oil, you have to go inside the car and check oil level in the cluster.  The car has a sensor that tells it how much oil is the car.

BMW E90 330i 2006 

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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

P0341 Camshaft Position Sensor "A", Bank 1

P0341 Camshaft Position Sensor "A" Circuit Range/ Performance (Bank 1 or Single Sensor)

BMW E90, 330i 2006

So I got up this morning and turned on my car, and my car took about 5 full seconds to turn on, the starter kept going until finally the car started, unfortunately it started very rough, now in it's defense I did drive it hard about 3 days ago and I parked it, so it was the first time since then that I started it.

But the car barely started, and then it was sputtering, barely staying on.  So I decided to check for codes and I got P0341.  Now I've replaced the sensor before about 5 years ago, so I figured well maybe they only last 5 years.... But it was NOT the sensor that was bad let me explain...

Rough Idle, P0341 code, Low Oil, and recently replaced oil and "dirty Vanos".

This is what I did to fix it:

First: Cleaned both Intake and Exhaust Vanos:

This is how to clean the Vanos

Both Vanos, Intake and Exhaust.
Remove 10mm and pop out.

To give you more room to remove the Vanos, remove the snorkel in top of the Radiator
VANOS: Both look the same, they are in fact exactly the same
Second: Added oil (1 Quart) 
Oil is Mobil 1: 5W30, this is 5 quarts, only add 1 quart, that will do it.

Mobil 1 5W-30 : For E90

Low oil, before I added a quart

Low oil check, with On Board Diagnostics, now note they both say ok, but in fact it's low, the E90's don't like it when you have the minimum oil level, it just runs better, the Vanos are happier with MAX oil level, not OK level.  

Then my car read full of oil, or "MAX"

Third: Then drove it for 5 minutes, then code disappeared.

Why would this happen:

This is something I've noticed on my car, I am not sure if it happens to other people but I've noticed that if I don't replace the oil regularly and then I replace it,  YES, AFTER I replace the oil...  soon after I have sticking "VANOS" Solenoids that stick, not sure why, but it has happened 3 times now, and I remember that each time I went 15K before replacing the oil... Now don't chew me out for not replacing the oil sooner, I know I should replace it ever 5K at least, but sometimes it's just not possible.

I don't know why this happens, I know the clearance on the Vanos is very tight, a very small amount of "paper" or "plastic" or "dirt" will bind the solenoid and it won't move.

If you must replace the sensor:  .... do this

If this doesn't fix your car, then you probably do have a bad sensor, this is where it's located:

Camshaft Position Sensor "A", Bank 1 "intake"
BMW 330i 2006

It's very easy to replace, and you can get it here from
E90 Camshaft Position Sensor "A", Bank 1, Website link  Picture of Sensor Camshaft Position sensor, bank 1
I am not affiliated with, but they always have what I need, and they alway have useful pictures with good detail on how to repair my car, I always use them...

E90 2006 330i  with: 220K  so far...

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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

OBD Code Definitions (ALL) BMW

On-Board Diagnostics Trouble Codes (DTCs)

If you ever wanted to know what each OBD code stands for, here is the list:

Just like many of you I do most of the work on my E90 330i 2006 BMW myself.

If you have a code you want to look up, this is the entiere list of all the codes:

These codes can be checked with an OBDII reader.  Here is a link to the one I use:

Click the image to enlarge:

P3205 - P3284

P3102 - P3202

P2403 - P3101

P2188 - P2401

P1660 - P2187

P160B - P166F

P1576 - P160A

P1503 - P1567

P1424 - P1502

P1342 - P142F

P1191 - P1328

P1123 - P1190

P1047 - P1122

P0646 - P1041

P0463 - P0645

P0335 - P0462

P0243 - P0332

P0159 - P0238

P0A16 - P0158

P00B2 - P0A15

I would like to Thank Bentley Publishers for providing the information I posted here, this is all in the book

BMW 3 Series Service Manual
I use this book a lot!

I hope you found this information useful,

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