Monday, May 30, 2016

Burned Blower Motor Regulator Connector, but still working.

Burned Blower Motor Regulator Connector, but still working

So I kept hearing this strange noise coming from the Blower Motor, and it seemed to stop when I turned the air off in my car, and I have heard stories of the Blower Motor being the cause of this noise, so I decided to go in there to see what the problem was.

I removed the Blower, not that difficult, unfortunately a lot of screws, about 10, then removed the glove box, and the bottom panel, then, just rotate the "Blower" to the right, after you undo the plastic "lock".
Plastic lock

Pull down on the plastic lock, I used a screw driver, and then rotate blower to the right.  Then the motor comes out, unplug the cables from the fan before you rotate blower motor.

This is what I found:

Fan Blower Regulator
Bad Fan, Good Regulator? The fan motor was very hard to rotate and I could tell it was ready to go bad, I will replace it soon.  Unfortunately not only will I have to replace the Blower Fan, I will also have to replace the Blower Regulator too, as you can see it's has been overheating.  It's just a mater of time before it goes bad.  The regulator alone is like $90 dollars.  Here is a link to Amazon if you are interested:

Amazon:  Regulator for Blower Motor on Amazon

Bad Fan:  I believe the culprit of the Regulator being burned is probably the fan because if the fan is struggling to rotate it's probably pulling more Amps, to try to rotate, which in turn will draw more power, which will create more heat.

Replacement fan:
Blower Motor part #

Here is a link to the Blower on Amazon:
Amazon: Blower Fan only, no Regulator

Note: you can also buy the blower motor with regulator attached.

Blower motor part # OEM:  64119227670

You tube video that really helped me get to the Blower fan: 
Thanks to : Leo Perez, for the good video.

Let me know if you are going through the same thing, I am curious to know how many people have gone through this...  Thanks,

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