Wednesday, April 20, 2016

A/C Re-Fill Procedure, BMW E90 2006

If you ever wondered how to Re-Charge your A/C for an E90.  Follow the procedure below:

Air Condition Re-Charge Procedure:

Turn the Car on for 3 to 5 minutes.
Turn the AC On, to MAX,
Connect the Arctic Freeze

Remove this Cap.  Then plug in the Arctic Freeze,
Press Firmly and it will snap.

Tilt the Can to 12 and to 3 a Clock, press the Can button for about 1 minute and then keep checking the gauge to make sure its in the Blue range.  Keep pressing the button the top of the can, I pressed it about 8 to 10 time, let the Arctic Freeze settle, and press it once more.

Now check the AC inside the car and it should be Cold air coming out by now.

TIP: If you plug in the Arctic Freeze "first"then turn the AC on, the gauge will read as if the system is full, but when you turn on the AC "On" the gauge will settle at the "actual" measurement, in my case it will dropped to almost zero.

Please note that if the system has a leak, you will need to have a professional check the system, this procedure only applies if you car needs a re-fill.

Link to Amazon page:  Amazon: Arctic Freeze , I really liked this kit because it came with a gauge to measure the AC in the system.

Air Conditioner refill procedure.

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