Saturday, April 5, 2014

Phone Holder 3 Series E90

Phone Holder 3 Series E9X
Bavarian AutoSport Part # B5100001  $ 29.95

As many E90 owner might know, there is no place to put your phone.

So I've been looking for a phone holder for my car.  But I didn't want to get one of those holder that you stick to your window.  I usually use my phone to play music through the Aux line.  I think most people do, that is if you don't have an Ipod or USB integration, which my car doesn't have by the way.  So I came across this phone holder by Bavarian Autosports.  I have to say it's perfect for my phone, I like that it swivels. and it's just about the right size to hold my phone.  Best part is that it comes off very easily.

Here a few pictures.

Manual for Phone Holder

Let me know what you think.

In case you were wondering this is the place to get it:

Part # B5100001


  1. Thanks for the review! Looking for a mount for my e92 as well as my current vent mount stinks and scratched my brushed aluminum. I do have one question and can the mount be used when the cup holder is closed?

  2. Does the cup holder need to stay opened permanently with this on?