Monday, July 22, 2013

Windshield Trim replacement: BMW 330i 2006

Windshield Trim replacement: BMW 330i 2006
Front Windshield Trim,  

As the years went on I started to notice the trim on top of my windshield started to look old, and eventually it started to crack.  After too many car wash trips the trim started to degrade to a point where I had to replace it.  It looked ugly.

As I looked around the internet I realized that there was no place to find any information on how to replace this trim peace.  I had no idea how to start to do this, I figured if there was no information on how to do this I would have to make a video.  So decided to make a video.  This is is the video below:

This is the part number for the trim: 51 31 7 061 967
It's only $22 dollars from my local BMW dealer.

After a few hours later... success.

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