Friday, April 28, 2017

Spark Plug Replacement 101

Spark Plug Replacement 101

I've heard a Car Tech say that one should change out the spark plugs on a car every 100K miles, if not before.  Most people don't change them at their recommended lifespan, unfortunately I am one of those people.  Not because it's expensive or a hassle, mainly it's because the car runs fine, and so I ask myself, do i really need to...

At the end you lose if you don't, let me tell you why:

First: Old sparkplugs decrease the engine power, and because you get less power you tend to be heavy footed when you... let's just say, drive spiritedly, right?  Not to mention you get terrible gas mileage, as if the car didn't get bad gas mileage already, right... but that is beside the point.  The point I am trying to make is that, the car will feel heavy, when you have old spark plugs.

Second:  Because you are not getting full spark inside the engine or "poor" spark inside the cylinder of the engine you can get "build" up or Zut, inside the cylinder, which eventually will require service.  This can rob you engine of power, there is a solution, if you already have zut build up.  It's called Walnut Spray Wand.

Here is a link to Bavarian Autosport for the part if you need it: Walnut Spray Wand Blaster, it's a pretty cool idea, and it's something that should be done to all BMW's if you ask me.  To be very honest I am a little scared to do it myself because it's so involved, but I thought I would mention it, in case you didn't know about this.  Plenty of Videos on Youtube, if you are interested in more information.

Third:  You can ruin other parts of the car, that wouldn't otherwise go bad, like the Catalytic converter, or even the injectors.  Why???  Because the car doesn't run smooth, you tend the push the car to get more power and thus, ruining other parts that wouldn't other wise go bad.

When to change the Spark Plugs:
The I-drive will remind you to change the spark plugs, if your car is equipped with an I-drive.  I am replacing my spark plugs every 100K, with zero issues.  But ultimately it's up to you when to do it.

New Spark Plugs:
I got my spark plugs from Amazon, my car is a 2006 BMW 330i,

Here is link: BMW 330i 2006 Spark Plugs LINK ILZFR6D11

Thin Wall Socket:
You will also need a "thin wall" socket:  Here is a link: Thin Wall Socket LINK, trust me you will need one, get one if you don't own one, you will thank me later.

I replaced my spark plugs by myself before, it was not difficult.  I used NGK's, and that was 100K miles ago, I think the ones in the engine are still good, but I rather replace them, just to get peak performance, among other benefits.

My car currently has over 200K, and still going strong.

Thanks for for the pictures.  I've bought many things from then, they are always fast to ship, and they have good prices.  I am not getting any money for saying this, I just like their service.

Thanks to Amazon also for providing some of the pictures.

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