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How to read codes in your E90

How to read codes in your E90

I've used this little OBDII sensor so many times, that it already paid for itself.  It was not very expensive to begin with, only $20 dollars US.  It has been a life saver many times over.  I have diagnosed many problems in my E90.   The product is a Bluetooth OBDII  adaptor.  The one I got was from Amazon, it's from a company called XiTech, the model is XR7.

You have to download a program called "Torque" link to download from Google Play Store to run on your Android phone.  The app is free but if you pay for the app you get all sorts extra goodies.  When the XR7 is paired with your phone's App it can give you a ton of information in real time. The best part of course is that it can read codes.  But it can tell you all sorts of information like: Revs, speed, Throttle, Coolant temp, Acceleration, etc...  If you mount it on your dashboard it can give you all sorts of useful information.

 You only have to pair it with your phone one time, and after that you only have to connect the adaptor to your car and then run the app.

To Pair:  Plug in the XR7 into your cars OBDII, then Turn on Bluetooth on your Phone and search for the device on your phone, mine comes up as CBT, select it to pair with phone, you may need to enter a 4 digit code, mine was included in the paperwork I got with the device, usually it's 0000 or 1234, then run the Torque App.  Wait for the device to link with the bluetooth and you are ready to read the codes or run the Real Time Information.

OBDII Back of Device
The first problem I diagnosed was a stuck vanos.   But I've diagnosed other problem with a spark plug coil, timing sensors, etc..

When I get the dreaded Check Engine Light in my car, the first thing I do is I plug in the XR7 and I run the app, with in seconds I know what is wrong with my E90.

If you go to the Dealer to get an Engine check light diagnosed, it will run you $150 dollars US.  Why spend that much money when you can diagnose the problem yourself.

A must have for any BMW E90 owner.
Real Time information Gauges

Check Engine Light

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