Saturday, October 11, 2014

Chime speaker broken, (Fix)

Chime Speaker Broken (Fix)

After driving my car for a few years I noticed that the chime speaker sounds bad.  I found that super glue will do the trick, it's fast and easy, and I rather fix it, better than buying a new speaker, which is expensive I might add.

Center Logic 7 speaker, ( Chime Speaker )
I found that the problem is that the cone separates from the ring.  

Super Glue to the rescue, simply apply a small amount of glue all the way around, let it dry under the sun for about 30 minutes, and that's it.  The speaker is working normal again.
You can see the glue want to drip, just add a little bit.

I am no expert, I just figured why not fix it, save some money.

This is the super glue I used, in case you are wondering:
Loctite Super Glue, I got it at Walmart.
More pictures of the speaker in case you were wondering what it looked like:

After I removed the trim.
 Tip to remove the trim:  Press with your finger in the very front(drive side) of the trim, press firmly until you see the edge of the trim, and then using a small flat screw drive slowly work your way around the trim, it just snaps off.  Take your time, I broke mine rushing, just take your time, it snaps off.

Thanks, I hope this helps you.

If you want to order the super glue online:

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