Tuesday, February 12, 2013

They don't make things the way they use to.

BMW 330i 2006, They don't make things the way they use to.

Let me start by saying that I own a BMW 330i 2006, I love my car, I get compliments all the time about it.  I don't like that every time I take it in for service it's always an arm and a leg to get it fixed, but hey things happen, right?

Considering how old it is, I am not surprised to see some things scratched, but I am surprised to find the BMW logo pealing.  I've owned a few cars before, even older cars and the logo always held up to old age.  I wonder why BMW is taking a short cut in the BMW logo.  So much that the paint is falling off.

As you can see the paint is coming off, now I have to be fair in that to replace this logo, I found is okay about $10 Dollars in Amazon.  But I found myself wondering what else was made like this.  When I first got my cars, not brand new by the way, "Certified pre-owned" It still had the 100,000 mile warranty, so when I had a problem I took it back and it was always no charge for the service. That was nice, but I found myself taking the car in for all sorts of things:

1.  Navigation went out.

2. The AC compressor stopped working,

3. The car always told me I needed an oil change for a few days and then it went away, after getting an oil change, I kind of lived with that for a while.  until I took it in, they had my car for almost 2 weeks, good part about that was that I had a rental all of that time which was nice.  But that kind of got me thinking, little did I know what would come next.

Manifold bolt broken, $1,500 to repair by the dealer.
4.  It had a broken bolt in manifold, $1,500 dollars to replace the bolt, because it was so complicated to get to.  When I took it in for another problem mind you, they said ho by the way, you need to have this done, and it's urgent because the car "could" catch on fire, because the oil was leaking, I looked at it was bearedly there, so I started to think, maybe I should do it myself,  I ended up doing it myself, I figured it was best if I gave it a shot, it took me 2 days to finish it all but I got it done.  Then came the accident.
Front Windshield smashed BMW 330i 2006

5.  My girlfriend was in a car accident, I ended up paying $850 dollars on top of coverage by the insurance which was $6,500.00 dollars.  when I got my car back it was dirty inside, they didn't clean it.  they scratched the heck out of the roof panels, they stained my belt, and the best part, they had my car for almost 2 months, yes 2 months.

See next 3 pics.

If you ask me, would I buy another BMW after this, the answer is I am not sure.

Rear passenger belt, stained with white paint.
Front windshield rubber strip damaged
Roof light, scratched.

This is suppose to be the ultimate driving machine, that has not been my experience, unfortunately.

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